Featured Guest:
Debra Winger

Special Guests
Arliss Howard ; Robert Horton; Jim Whittaker; Warren Etheredge; Ian Hinkle; Enric Folch;Kief Davidson; Hank Rogerson; Sedge Thomson; Justin Bookey; Jon Ward & Stewart Stern; Dan Geller & Dayna Goldfine, and dancer Marc Platt.

Jim Ewing
Rocky Friedman
Jim Westall
Linda Yakush

Executive Director:
Peter Simpson

Programming Director
Linda Marie Yakush

Operations Director
Nancy Sendler

Festival Board
John Considine
Jim Ewing
Jim Grabicki
Glenda Hultman Geerlofs
Karen Gates Hildt
Toby Jordan, Vice President
Jim Marshall
Cynthia Sears
Peter Simpson

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PTTF ~ 2005

2005 Port Townsend Film Festival September 24-26, 2005

2003 poster

The Poster Artist - Linda Okazaki

Each year, the Port Townsend film Festival selects a Port Townsend artist to provide the image for that year's poster. Linda Okazaki is the artist for the 6th annual event, joining Marii (2001), John Craig (2002), Steven Z. Kennel (2003), and two-timer Max Grover (2000, 2004) in the pantheon of festival artists.
Linda's image which she calls "A Rose in a Rose in a Rose," was inspired by Port Townsend's beloved Rose Theatre and expresses both her love for the historic theatre and her romance with film.
The startling beauty of Port Townsend's location and the sense of community was a compelling reason for her to move here in 1980.
Her paintings are in permanent collections such as the Seattle Art Museum, Washington State Arts Commission, Microsoft and private collections. She takes great pleasure in creating special work for Centrum, Wooden Boat Festival, Bumbershoot, The Jefferson Land Trust, and The Port Townsend Leader to celebrate various events which are also a part of her experience of living in Port Townsend.

Greetings from the Director

The second most FAQ (frequently-asked question) that we receive about the film festival is, "What is this year's theme?"
And the answer is, we really don't have one.
Our tastes are eclectic. We like a lot of different films, and because the festival lasts only two and one-half days, there's not time to delve deeply into any one or two genres. But we do look for certain things. We want films that are unlikely to screen at the multi-plexes, or are so out of the mainstream that they cannot find distributors and not even the Rose Theatre can find them. (Having said that, we do search for films of such quality that they develop high enough profiles to be considered for awards, such as last year's Oscar-winning documentary, Born Into Brothels, or gain a national, if not "wide," run, as with Travelers and Musicians.) Our audience is well-informed, so we look for topical films, films about what's going on in the world today. We commit screening slots to classics and, after a three-year hiatus, silent films. For the outdoor movies we look for older "family-friendly" films, although this year we have a new film from Columbia (but it's still friendly). Documentaries are becoming popular with audiences around the country and so we try to follow that trend. (Any town where March of the Penguins out-grosses Star Wars deserves a few documentaries!) We try not to screen films so despairing that you want to go home and shoot yourself. (After a couple of years of showing a number of "dark" films, we learned our programming lesson.)
Nevertheless, certain thematic threads begin to develop out of the sheer volume of films reviewed to put on a three-day festival (more than 350, narrowed down to about 50). For example, this year we have five Spanish-language films, both old world and new, both narrative and documentary. Within this thread are two films that reveal the creative life in contemporary Cuba. The impact of physical disabilities is the subject of two impressive films. Dance, both primal and classical, inform two film programs, and two other films, one a documentary, the other a "mock-umentary," take a look at rock music and its musicians. And in amongst them all are enough comedies and dramas to make your stomach muscles hurt and your tear ducts run dry.
They're all going to make up a diverse program that we hope you'll find interesting, informative, and intriguing.
See you at the movies!
Peter Simpson
Executive Director
Oh, yes, the number one FAQ? "Who's the guest this year?"

2005 Award Winners

PTFF began awarding cash prizes to films submitted in the festival's competitive program in 2004 thanks to a generous contribution by the Port Townsend Paper Corporation.
The judges of the Port Townsend Film Festival announced their top four picks for best in show at a Gala Champagne Breakfast Sunday morning September 25, 2005. While the festival strives for quality in every film, the awards were given to select features that stood out in their field.
  • Best Feature-length Narrative $2,500 - "Hank Williams First Nation" directed by Aaron J. Sorensen
  • Best Feature-length Documentary $2,500 - "The Devil's Miner" co-directed by Kief Davidson and Richard Ladkani
  • Best Short Narrative $750 - "The Perils of Nude Modeling" directed by Scott Rice
  • Best Short Documentary $750 - "Trout Grass" directed by Ed George


2004 was also the first year PTFF gave two $250 scholarships to Jefferson County High School students who demonstrated both creative and technical skill as well as an interest in pursuing a career in film/video. In 2005, PTFF will offer two $300 scholarships. Your donations, and all your tips at the Taylor Street Beer Garden, help make these scholarships possible.

Three-Day Program Schedule

Special Programs

  • A Very Special Evening with Debra Winger and Arliss Howard
  • Opening Night Film - PEAS AT 5:30 Erbsen auf halb 6
  • Closing Night Film - BALLETS RUSSES
  • Formative Films with Mountaineer Jim Whittaker
  • Almost Midnight Movies!
  • Silent Movie - FLESH AND THE DEVIL
  • FILM 2880 - 2005


A Very Special Evening with Debra Winger and Arliss Howard
Hosted by Robert K. Horton

The announcement of Debra Winger as one of this year's Port Townsend Film Festival special guests produced a surge of anticipation that continues to build as the festival approaches. Winger has not been in Port Townsend since filming AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN in 1981 (and probably has thought little about it since), but there have been numerous Debra sightings reported over the last 24 years. Perhaps that's why many local residents consider her one of the town's own. After all that fame and acclaim (and presumable fortune), an official retirement, then a comeback, the prodigal daughter is returning "home," and she's bringing her talented husband with her.
The film is four years old now, but BIG BAD LOVE, released in 2001, was the first film Winger made in six years, after a self inflicted retirement from "the business," which she says she never liked. It is the second film she made with Howard. Their first was WILDER NAPALM (1993), a quirky comedy that might have been inspired by Stephen King were he a comedic writer.
The chemistry between them is evident in both films. Howard, lesser known but equally talented, has been making movies and appearing on television for more than 20 years. Some of his other films include: FULL METAL JACKET, TEQUILA SUNRISE, NATURAL BORN KILLERS, TO WONG FOO, THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, and AMISTAD.
The Car
USA/2001/111 min.
Howard began his directorial and screenwriting career with BIG BAD LOVE. BIG BAD LOVE Vietnam veteran Leon Barlow (Arliss Howard) is a struggling writer, with a personal life to match. His unsympathetic ex-wife Marilyn (Debra Winger) doesn't approve of his visits with his two children, and he has problems with alcohol. Yet even when Leon manages to catch up on child-support payments, things in his life seem to decline further, until a sudden tragedy and then good fortune catch him off guard.
is one of those films that is either loved or hated. Roger Ebert hated it. Manohla Dargis, then writing for the Los Angeles Times, said the film was "a mess, but ... a sincere mess." Moira Macdonald in the Seattle Times wrote that "the film often achieves a mesmerizing poetry." We concur with Moira. BIG BAD LOVE is a brilliant character study, one of the most undersung movies of the decade.
Director, Arliss Howard; Producers, Arliss Howard, Bob Johnston, Barry Navidi, Manfrede Wilde, Debra Winger; Writers, James Howard, Arliss Howard from stories by Larry Brown; Cinematographer, Paul Ryan; Editor, Jay Rabinowitz; Music, Tom Waits.
Cast: Arliss Howard, Debra Winger, Paul LeMat, Rosanna Arquette, Angie Dickinson, Michael Parks.
SPONSOR: Green Eyeshade
The Car

Opening Night Film

AVAILABLEPEAS AT 5:30 Erbsen auf halb 6
with Director Lars Buchel
In German, with English subtitles.
Germany/2004/110 min.
West Coast Premiere
PEAS AT 5:30 takes the notion of "the blind leading the blind" literally in this refreshingly offbeat romance that never dips into sentimentality. Though his characters are sightless, Buchel drenches his film in enticing water imagery that provides them with a tactile compass point and the audience with some of the most dazzling settings caught by equally remarkable cinematography. While his tale morphs from one genre to another, its theme remains stable: the need for touch. The story centers on a stage director named Jakob who is left blind following an automobile accident. He soon falls into a guarded yet heightened relationship with his guide/teacher, Lilly, who is also blind. Summoned by his dying mother in Russia, Jakob embarks on a journey in every sense of the word, accompanied by Lilly, much to his initial dismay. The development of their relationship leads to the redemption of both.
A word for the wary: No sex, but some lovely foreplay.
Director, Larz Buchel; Producers, Hanna Huth, Ralf Zimmermann; Screenwriters, Ruth Toma, Lars Buchel; Cinematographer, Judith Kaufmann; Editor, Peter R. Adam.
Cast: Fritzi Haberlandt, Hilmir Snaer Gudnason, Tina Engel, Harald Schrott.
SPONSOR: Skookum and Windermere Real Estate Port Townsend
The Car

Closing Night Film

with Directors Dan Geller & Dayna Goldfine and Dancer Marc Platt
USA/2004/120 min.
West Coast Premiere
Ego, politics, war, money, fame, glamour, love, betrayal, grace ... and dance. BALLETS RUSSES is a feature-length documentary covering more than fifty years in the lives of a group of revolutionary artists. It tells the story of the extraordinary blend of Russian, American, European and Latin American dancers who, in collaboration with the greatest choreographers, composers and designers of the first half of the 20th century, transformed ballet from mere music hall divertissement into a true art form. Using intimate interviews with surviving members of the Ballets Russes companies (now in their 70s, 80s, and 90s) as well as rare archival materials and motion picture footage, BALLETS RUSSES is both an ensemble character film and an historic portrait of the birth of an art form.
Marc Platt
Born Marcel Le Plat, he became one of the first Americans to dance with the Ballet Russe after being discovered by Leonide Massine as a teenager in Seattle.
Director/Producer/Writer/Editor: Dan Geller and Dayna Goldfine.
Cast: Dame Alicia Markova, Frederic Franklin, Maria Tallchief, Marc Platt, Mia Slavenska, Nathalie Krassovska, Tatiana Riabouchinska, George Zoritch, Trina Baranova. Tamara Tchinerova Finch, Yvonne Chouteau, Tatiana Stepanova, Nini Theilade, Miguel Terekhov, Wakefield Poole, Yvonne Craig, Raven Wilkinson, Rochelle Zide, Nina Novak.

SPONSOR: The Historic Lynwood Theatre
The Car

Formative Films with Mountaineer Jim Whittaker

All movie-lovers have favorite films, movies that have touched them in some way, creating a response that remains with them since first viewing.
This year's Formative Film curator is Jim Whittaker, who in the 40 years after his successful record-breaking climb of Mount Everest in 1963 has accomplished more than many people do in their entire lives. He has assisted in presidential campaigns, led expeditions to K2-one of the toughest climbs in the world, some say harder than Everest, helped to place a combined US-Chinese-Russian team at the summit of Everest, sailed about the world with his wife and teenage sons, and written an autobiography. "And I'm still learning," he says.
Jim Whittaker was in his mid-20s when he saw what became one of his favorite films, M. HULOT'S HOLIDAY.
The Car
France/1953/86 min.
One of the most revered comedies from the early 1950s, M. HULOT'S HOLIDAY was one of the first art house hits, playing for weeks at most venues. Roger Ebert describes the film and its central character, M. Hulot: "The movie tells the story of a holiday by the sea. Hulot is a tall man, all angles, 'a creature of silhouettes,' as Stanley Kauffmann observed. He arrives at the seaside in his improbable little car, which looks like it was made for a Soap Box Derby and rides on bicycle wheels. Decked out in holiday gear and smoking a pipe, Hulot is friendly to a fault, but he is the man nobody quite sees. The holiday-makers are distracted by their own worlds, companions and plans, and notice Hulot only when something goes wrong, as it often does.
"M. HULOT'S HOLIDAY is not a comedy of hilarity but a comedy of memory, nostalgia, fondness and good cheer. There are some real laughs in it, but the film gives us something rarer, an amused affection for human nature-so odd, so valuable, so particular."
Director, Jacques Tati; Producers, Fred Orain, Jacques Tati. Writers, Pierre Aubert, Jacques Lagrange, Henri Marquet, Jacques Tati; Cinematographers, Jacques Mercanton, Jean Mousselle; Music, Alain Romans.
Cast: Jacques Tati, Nathalie Pascaud, Louis Perrault, Michele Rolla, Andre Dubois, Suzy Willy, Valentine Camax, Lucien Fregis, Raymond Carl.
SPONSOR: Vineyard Lane and Jean's House of Travel
An Officer and a Gentleman

Almost Midnight Movies!

USA/1982/122 min.
If the City of Port Townsend ever adopts an official movie, AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN will win the honor hands down. Filmed in the spring of 1981 almost entirely in and about Port Townsend (with a couple of sequences shot on Whidbey Island and in Tacoma), the film's cast and crew engaged almost everyone in town in some fashion. When a casting call came for extras, 400 people - or eight percent of the town's population - turned out, photos and resumes in hand. Carpenters were enlisted, at wages they'd only dreamed of. Motels remodelled to accommodate the lesser cast and crew. Townsfolk with waterfront houses happily relocated so they could rent to the stars at prices one still dreams of. And when the movie opened a year later, it played the Uptown for four weeks before moving to the drive-in. One watched to search for friends as much as for the story. And here, one more time ...
A word for the wary: sex, nudity, language, and a happy ending.
Director, Taylor Hackford; Producers, Martin Elfand, Douglas Day Stewart; Writer, Douglas Day Stewart; Cinematographers, Donald Thorin; Editor, Peter Zinner; Original Music, Mark Knopfler, Jack Nitzsche, Buffy Sainte-Marie, ZZ Top.
Cast: Richard Gere, Debra Winger, David Keith, Robert Loggia, Lisa Blount, Lisa Eilbacher, Louis Gossett Jr., David Caruso, Pia Boyer, Ruffin LeBrane, Lowell Bogart, among others.

SPONSOR: Bread & Roses
The Car
USA/2004/98 min.
Northwest Premiere
A sensuous and emotionally complex tale of impossible love between a married psychotherapist and a professional dominatrix he becomes involved with. They have been meeting once a week for more than two years. In the privacy of a dungeon, she pierces, prods and ultimately soothes him as they engage in what is commonly known as sado/masochistic "play." Careful protocols about behavior are enforced, but when he seeks to see her "outside," the rules and the relationship change.
A word for the wary: Not for kids, and some adults.
Director, Eric Werthman; Producer, Jessica Gohlke, Vladan Nikolic; Writer, Jessica Gohlke; Screenplay, Eric Werthman; Cinematographer, Vladimir Subotic; Original Music/Composer, David Darling; Production Designer, Ann McKinnon; Picture Editor, Vladan Nikolic; Sound Editor, Logan Susnick.
Cast: Roger Rees, Geno Lechner, Miho Nikaido.
USA/2002/12 min.
World Premiere
Join bodybuilder Christine Fetzer as she travels the USA wrestling men in hotel rooms.
Director: Ronnie Cramer.
SPONSOR: Bread & Roses
The Car

Silent Movie

Accompanied by Michael Mortilla at the grand piano
USA/1926/112 min.
According to the New York Times, Herman Suderman's "bulky, verbose" novel was turned into an "exquisitely silent" FLESH AND THE DEVIL, in 1926. On leave from the Army, lifelong friends John Gilbert and Lars Hanson return to their loving families. At a reception, Gilbert makes the acquaintance of the hauntingly beautiful Greta Garbo ... enough to thoroughly captivate Gilbert, thus paving the way for a feverish sexual liaison. While intense male-bonding scenes between John Gilbert and Lars Hanson prompt "knowing chuckles" when seen today, FLESH AND THE DEVIL holds up "quite well." Clarence Brown's "directorial touches still seem fresh after years of imitation by lesser talents. Ostensibly a Gilbert vehicle (he receives top billing), FLESH is dominated through sheer force of personality by the divine Garbo; in anyone else's hands, her enigmatic, impulse-driven temptress would have been just another cardboard vixen."
Director, Clarence Brown; Producer, Irving Thalberg; Titles, Marian Ainslee; Cinematographer, William Daniels; Editor, Lloyd Nosler; Art Department, Cedric Gibbons, Frederic Hope.
Cast: Greta Garbo, John Gilbert, Lars Hanson, Barbara Kent, William Orlamond, George Fawcett, Eugenie Besserer, Marc McDermott, Marcelle Corday.
SPONSOR: The San Francisco Silent Film Festival
The Car

Greta Garbo 1905 - 1990

Enigmatic and elusive, Greta Garbo made some of the most endearing and enduring films of the 1920s and 1930s. She personified Hollywood glamor, and exerted a major influence on women's fashions, hair styles and make-up.
"The finest element in a Garbo film was Garbo," the New York Times wrote in her obituary in 1990. "She invariably played a disillusioned woman of the world who falls hopelessly and giddily in love. Tragedy is often imminent, and her tarnished-lady roles usually required her to die or otherwise give up her lover. No one could suffer like Garbo."
No one could photograph like Garbo, either. She was called, "a soul-revealing Nordic princess" by German reviewers seeing their first Garbo pictures in the 1920s. Throughout her career, which ended in 1941 at age 36 on her own volition, Garbo's beauty was seen as unsurpassed and often was compared to the legendary Helen of Troy (who no one living had ever laid eyes on).
It seemed she could not take a bad picture until her later years when she was occasionally caught off-guard on a Manhattan street. Still mysterious in retirement, those occasional unflattering pictures were always picked up by the wire services.

FILM 2880 - 2005

Fast Filmmaking Contest for digital guerrillas (or is that gorillas?) On Friday, September 9, at 7pm, filmmakers from around the world received a theme, a line of dialogue and the name of a common household prop via email. By Sunday night, September 11, again at 7pm, - exactly 2,880 minutes (or 48 hours) later - filmmakers produced a short film of less than 10 minutes that they had written, shot, edited, and scored, complete with titles and credits - without any creative work done prior to 7pm Friday.
One month later the top ten films from the 2005 Film 2880 contest will be shown at the historic Rose Theatre on the closing day of the 6th annual Port Townsend Film Festival. Films are judged on originality, use of prop and dialogue, and adherence to the theme and production values.
Film 2880 exists to challenge the resourcefulness and creativity of filmmakers, film students and anyone crazy enough to sign up. The annual filmmaking project was founded and is still managed by filmmaker Peter Wiant, who is assisted this year by graphic designer Lou Faulkner.
SPONSORS: The Fountain Cafe and Bainbridge Performing Arts
The Car
In late August, twelve area students between the ages of 14 and 18 created a short documentary from concept to edited product in just six days. Under the tutelage of videographer Jane Champion and writer/ educator Jessica Plumb, the students developed the story and vision, engaged in pre-production planning and scheduling, chose a production style, shot the film using different techniques, and, finally, edited and scored the piece. The results of this intense workshop will be presented in this screening, followed by a discussion of the work by students and professional filmmakers.
Camera equipment for this project was provided by 4-H Jefferson County.
SPONSORS: Skookum and Bainbridge Island Arts & Humanities Council


New Venues

  • Drop-In Theatre
  • talkmovies@theupstage


Canada/2004/87 min.
West Coast Premiere
Of the 376 Indian passengers on the KOMAGATA MARU in 1914, all came to Canada assuming that they, as British subjects, would be free to settle anywhere in the Empire that they, as veterans of the British Indian Army, had risked their lives to defend and expand. They were wrong. The Continuous Journey Regulation of 1908 stopped them less than a mile from the Vancouver shore where they were held without food or water for more than two months. This regulation stated that immigrants from Southern Asia could not enter Canada unless they arrived on a vessel that had made a continuous journey from their homeport. A shrewd and cynical piece of legislation, the act purported to be non-exclusionary but was actually designed to keep a significant number of non-Caucasians out of the country. The incident helped to fuel the growing Indian independence movement. Filmmaker Ali Kazimi, an Indian immigrant now living in Canada, ingenuously uses archival material and actual historical testimonies to create this cautionary documentary.
A word for the wary: Injustice is not a sometime thing.
Director/Producer, Ali Kazimi; Editors, Graeme Ball, Ali Kazimi.
SPONSOR: Victoria Express
The Car
Perhaps it's a throwback to the Cold War, but contemplating life in a Communist country still brings visions of government oppression, cultural suppression, and personal repression. Particularly in creative life. Yet these two films - one an Italian documentary, the other by three young Cuban filmmakers - suggest otherwise. Economic and political hardships are evident, but the creative spirit thrives in Cuba today.
Un hazard habanero
Voice from an Island

Italy/2004/49 min.
Spanish with English subtitles.
West Coast Premiere
Cuba is a country in fast evolution. Youth are in ferment: They are seeking new routes to let themselves be known as well as new languages to communicate in any artistic form from music to literature, to cinema and the visual arts. This film grew out of casual encounters between the artists and the filmmakers who try to draw a map among the new Cuban generations that use art as a means of communication.
Director, Chiara Bellini; Producer, Francesco Scura; Cinematographer, Francesco Carini; Editor, Paola Freddi; Sound, Francesco Sabez.
The Car
Three Times Two

Cuba/90 min.
Spanish with English subtitles.
Northwest Premiere
Theatre Three young Cuban directors deliver a sexually charged omnibus film. Taking its cues from three memorable love affairs, this trio of tales moves from Hitchock-inspired thriller to politically tinged musical to steamy erotica. FLASH tells a modern-day tale of a Havana photographer haunted - and tempted - by the image of a long-dead 50s fashion model. Moving from Havana to the countryside, LILA revisits political turbulence (and musical trends) of Cuba's past through an elderly woman's recollection of an adolescent love, retold entirely in song. In the film's finale, LUZ ROJA tracks the rain-soaked, gorgeously physical affair between a psychologist and a blind woman. Three remarkable stories of modern Cuba, three distinct styles and three new Latin American voices, brought together in one feature film. THREE TIMES TWO lets audiences experience Cuba at its most immediate and most startling.
Directors, Pavel Giroud, Lester Hamlet, Esteban Insausti.
SPONSOR: Pane d'Amore
The human's desire and capacity to dance, to move, to express the inner workings of the mind and the soul, is explored in these two films.
USA/2005/6 min.
Spanish with English subtitles. The Car
West Coast Premiere
A young girl is introduced to the power and potential dangers of creative self-expression in this short hand-painted and drawn animated film. It ends with a surprise communication that assures her survival, but not her safety.
Director/Writer/Cinematographer/Animator, Kate Brown; Producer, Michael Mideke; Music, Eric Sbar.
The Car
USA/2002/59 min.
DANCES OF ECSTASY is a sensory journey into the mesmerizing world of trance and music that binds dancers from Manhattan to Morocco. The film travels to various traditional and modern day rituals to discover what is the altered state experience which people seek through dance. In these rituals, whirling dervishes from Turkey, Orisha priestesses from Nigeria and Brazil, and shaman healers from the Kalahari and Korea pulse to the same beat as thousands of young people at an all-night techno dance party in an Australian forest. DANCES OF ECSTASY celebrates the universal human experience where rhythm and dance unite us.
Director/Writer, Michelle Mahrer; Producer/Co-writer, Nicole Ma; Cinematographers, Paul Elliott, Michelle Mahrer; Sound, Nicole Ma, Paul Finlay; Editor, Sioux Currie.
SPONSORS: Phoenix Rising and William James Bookseller
The Car
with Co-director Kief Davidson

USA/2005/82 min.
West Coast Premiere
Welcome to hell: the mines of Cerro Rico, Bolivia, known to the local tribes as "the mountains that eat men." Here, death can be sudden and unexpected, and Satan is worshipped as a god, capable of protecting his followers from misfortune. Through this inferno we follow 14-year-old Basilio Vargas, a child-laborer who began working as a fatherless 12-year-old in the pits that are said to have claimed eight million lives since the Spanish conquistadors first began extracting silver. Today, average life expectancy for miners is between 35 and 40, and still some 800 children toil in the sweltering darkness. An angry, impassioned piece of filmmaking, packed with unforgettable images and an indomitable spirit.
Directors/Producers, Kief Davidson, Richard Ladkani; Cinematographer, Richard Ladkani; Editor, Kief Davidson; Music, Leonardo Helblum and Andres Solis.
Cast: Basilio Vargas, Vernardino Vargas, Vanessa Vargas, Manuela Altica Vargas, Braulio Jancko, Patre Jesus, Satumino Ortega, and the miners of Cerro Rico.
SPONSORS: The Clothes Horse and The Palace Hotel
The Car
USA/2004/80 min.
Northwest Premiere
Recently featured on ABC World News Tonight and other networks, Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah of Ghana has become a role model for millions of Africans and others with disabilities. Narrated by Oprah Winfrey, this is the story of a disabled orphan whose father abandoned him, whose village dismissed him and whose country thought him better off dead. While Emmanuel's message is vital: people with disabilities are valuable contributors to any society, his method is inspirational. Emmanuel begins his quest with a bicycle ride, over 600 kilometers, across Ghana with one leg and continues to spread his vision with grit and resolve. Ultimately, this is the story of a young man who had nothing, but gave everything and changed an entire nation.
Winner of the Audience Award at the 2005 Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, California.
A word for the wary: Bring your handkerchiefs.
Directors/Producers: Lisa Lax, Nancy Stern; Cinematography, Samson Chan; Editing, April Wilson, Meredith Paige; Music, Jeff Beal.
SPONSORS: Skookum and Pacific Traditions Gallery
The Car
with Director Kerri O'Kane and Producer Jessica Bender

USA/2005/90 min.
The first time Matt Dresdner heard Mia Zapata sing, he knew she was destined to front the punk rock group he dreamt of forming. In the fall of 1986, Dresdner, Andrew Kessler, Steve Moriarty and Zapata became The Gits. In 1989, they relocated from Ohio to Seattle in search of a new life and a larger audience. Quickly gaining popularity in the Seattle music scene of the early 1990s, they distinguished themselves with a soulful, street-punk sound at a time when "grunge" was putting Seattle on the map. Characterized by powerful, driving music and Zapata's poetic lyrics, major record labels took notice. But just as The Gits were poised to explode onto the national music scene, an unfathomable tragedy struck. This film celebrates the band's enduring musical legacy while embracing the soul of the legendary Mia Zapata.
A word for the wary: Joy and sadness, shock and awe all in the space of a couple of hours.
Director, Kerri O'Kane; Producer, Jessica Bender; Cinematographer, Sean Kirby; Editor, Staci Dekker; Music, The Gits.
SPONSORS: Quimper Sound and Ichikawa Japanese Cuisine
The Car
AVAILABLEGOING THROUGH SPLAT: The Life and Work of Stewart Stern
with Director Jon Ward and screenwriter Stewart Stern

USA/2005/104 min.
Twenty years ago, Stewart Stern, the gifted screenwriter of many classics, including REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE, TERESA, THE UGLY AMERICAN, SYBIL, and RACHEL, RACHEL, abruptly left Hollywood for the Pacific Northwest. Seattle director Jon Ward looks for the reasons why in this new documentary. A Port Townsend favorite since his first appearance at the Rose Theatre's 10th anniversary in 2002, Stern made a name for himself in Hollywood without any help from his famous uncle, Adolph Zuckor, head of Paramount Pictures. He forged friendships with the likes of James Dean, Montgomery Clift, and Marlon Brando. GOING THROUGH SPLAT allows Stern to speak for and about himself and explain just what "going through splat" means. The film features interviews with associates and friends like Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Dennis Hopper, Sally Field, and Eva Marie Saint, another Port Townsend favorite. A word for the wary: Prepare to be delighted.
Director/Producer/Screenwriter, Jon Ward; Cinematographers, Jon Ward, Ian Magdich, Derek Hughes; Editors, Jon Ward, Rochelle Bartholomew, Music: Stephen,Thomas Cavit.
SPONSOR: Scarecrow Video
a return engagement with Justin Bookey
The Car
USA/2005/70 min.
World Premiere
Northwest-raised in an amphibian-friendly family, Justin Bookey won the 2004 Port Townsend Film Festival best documentary short for his film about the giant, phallic, geoduck clam, 3 FEET UNDER, which went on to PBS broadcasts throughout the country and received an Emmy nomination. Now, he's back with a full-length doc inspired by a famous Mark Twain short story, "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County." Each spring the California community celebrates its history with a jumping frog jubilee. JUMP follows the sweat, sacrifice, and dedication of three frog teams and a solo jumper in their annual quest to be Calaveras County's top frog jockey. In some counties, length is everything.
Director/Producer, Justin Bookey.
Cast: Lee Giudici, Bob Fasano, Michael Ziehike, Sr.
SPONSORS: The Buzz and Swain's Outdoors
The Car
UK/2004/75 min.
West Coast Premiere
With two inches of ash perpetually dangling off his cigarette and his thinning hair pulled into a rakish ponytail, Samir Peter looks more like a '50s beatnik than a classically trained concert pianist who once enjoyed celebrity status in his country. He was, in fact, a musical phenomenon in pre-Saddam Iraq, a self-proclaimed Liberace of Baghdad, a likeable character whose life, like so many in that war-torn country, has been put on hold by dictatorship and war. Samir provides an ironic, near-fatalistic window into the daily horrors of his nation, while never losing sight of his dreams, which include living in America - the country his daughter and many other Iraqis blame for their nation's chaos. A word for the wary: Out of chaos comes something still undefined.
Director, Sean McAllister; Producers, Mette Heide, Nick Fraser, Mette Hoffmann Meyer, Sean McAllister, Johnny Burke; Editor, Ollie Huddleston; Music, Samir Peter; Researcher, Ruth Tilley.
Preceded by two short films taken by and about members of Charlie Company, an eight helicopter support group attached to the Fifth Battalion, 158th Aviation Regiment, while on assignment in Iraq.
SPONSOR: Brent Shirley & Associates
with Steven Cheslik-DeMeyer & James Dean Jay Byrd

USA/2005/92 min.
Pacific Northwest Premiere The Car
Fans of the queer country duo, "Y'all," and the uninitiated alike will be charmed by this down-home tale that follows this unique pair on their musical tour across America. Taking to the road in a modest trailer home - a cramped yet comfy habitat that has inspired their titular tune - the singing duo is more than a decade into their curious career as the film opens. Out, proud and prodigiously talented, Steven (in overalls) and Jay (in his lucky green dress) strum, toot, and harmonize sweetly on "We're Still Poor and We're Still Happy." Enter Roger, a fellow free spirit who transforms the dynamic duo into a romantic menage a trois. Frisky bedfellows don't necessarily make simpatico bandmates, however, and the story rolls on.
A word for the wary: The lucky green dress is not for sale.
Director/Producer, Steven Cheslik-DeMeyer; Cinematography, Roger McKeever; Editor, Carl Weichart; Music, James Dean Jay Byrd, Steven Cheslik-Demeyer.
SPONSORS: Wandering Wardrobe and Harborside Inn
The Car
USA/2005/26 min.
Filmed before and after the Exxon Valdez oil spill, OIL AND WATER is a portrait of Prince William Sound as seen by a Bellingham man in a kayak. It is a love song to nature, a mourning cry for the wounded natural world and an attempt to navigate despair. The film explores our relationship to the earth and why human beings are so destructive as civilization continues to evolve.
Director/Cinematographer, Corwin Fergus; Producer/Editor, Daniel Hammill.
USA/2004/70 min.
Imagine awakening one day to realize that the work you were trained to do since birth went against the deepest part of your being. In PEACEABLE KINGDOM, former farmers and farm animal rescuers share the life-changing experiences that led them to question some of society's most fundamental assumptions about animals. Anthropologist Jane Goodall has called the film "a masterpiece."
Director/Editor/Sound, Jenny Stein; Producer, James LaVeck; Cinematographer, Jason Longo; Original Music, Moby.
SPONSORS: Summer House and the Food Coop
The Car
USA/2005/67 min.
World Premiere
As narrated by legendary counterculture filmmaker John Waters, the Salton Sea was once known as the Riviera of the West. Tucked into the southeast corner of California, it was a haven for jetsetters and vacationers. Created by accident, it is now one of the country's worst ecological disasters: a fetid, stagnant, salty lake, coughing up dead fish and birds by the thousands. Still, a hardy few hang on there, hoping for help to come along to restore the lake to its former glory. Congressman Sonny Bono was himself once dedicated to saving the lake, until he went skiing one day. Eccentrics abound in this surreal landscape: the naked guy who waves to passing RVs, the man who built his own holy mountain, beer loving Hungarian Hunky Daddy, the guys who plan to get rich someday when this virtual sewer becomes a Riviera again.
A word for the wary: Hair-raising and hilarious; part history lesson, part cautionary tale.
Director/Producer/Cinematographer, Christopher Metzler; Director/Editor, Jeff Springer; Narrator, John Waters.
SPONSOR: MarinerBank
The Car
USA/2004/11 min.
West Coast Premiere
The Hooded Merganser is a rare and reclusive duck found only in North America. Every spring, in the Great Lakes region, the wary hen lays and incubates her eggs in a nest high in the trees. Just 24 hours after hatching, the tiny ducklings must make the perilous leap to the ground below to begin life in the wild. This age-old rite is rarely observed. RIDE OF THE MERGANSERS brings this hidden drama to the screen.
Director/Producer/Cinematographer/Writer, Steve Furman.
The Car
USA/2005/50 min.
West Coast Premiere
Coursing from the verdant hills of southern China to the majestic streams of Montana, TROUT GRASS is a story of passion, international partnership and the discovery of place in our natural world. The film walks us through the entire process of transforming bamboo from a vibrant species of grass to a super-conductive splitcane fishing rod. The story takes us from a remote village in China, where the raw material is selected specifically for rod makers, to a rustic workshop in Montana where 12' x 2" pieces of grass are crafted into highly revered three-ounce fly rods.
A word for the wary: You may turn into a birdwatcher or a flyfisher, or both.
Director/Cinematographer, Ed George; Producers, Andy Royer, Josh Moro; Writer, David James Duncan; Music, Woody Simmons; Picture and Sound Editor, Gail Steiger.
SPONSORS: Fleet Marine and Port Townsend Shipwrights Co-op
The Car
with Director Hank Rogerson

USA/2004/92 min.
A revelatory trip into prison life as the Shakespeare Behind Bars theatre troupe, a group of hardened inmates at Luther Luckett Correctional Complex in Kentucky, cast and direct themselves in roles reflecting their personal history and fate and, just as in Shakespeare's day, the men play all the female roles. The inmates' individual stories, including information about their heinous crimes, are interwoven with the plot of "The Tempest" as these men delve deeply into the characters they portray while confronting their personal demons. SHAKESPEARE BEHIND BARS is an extraordinary story about the creative process and the power of art to heal and redeem - in a place where the very act of participation in theatre is a human triumph and a means of personal liberation.
Director, Hank Rogerson; Producer, Jilann Spitzmiller; Cinematographer, Shana Hagan; Editor, Victor Livingston; Music, James Wesley Stemple.
SPONSORS: Imprint Books and Port Townsend Sails

First Features

It is now conventional wisdom to say that the digital revolution has given entry into filmmaking to anyone who wants to make a movie. (And who doesn't?) All you need is a video camera, very little money, and some longsuffering friends. And now those films are beginning to emerge. This year the Port Townsend Film Festival presents three filmmakers who are offering their feature-length narrative films.
Moderating discussions about these films will be Warren Etheredge, founder of TheWarrenReport, a blog dedicated to the empowering notion: Smarter audiences make better movies! TheWarrenReport also stages three year-round film series in Seattle, in addition to regularly hosting free screenings and special events. Warren is also the Curator of the 1 Reel Film Festival (at Bumbershoot) the nation's best attended celebration of short films.
The Car
with Director Aaron J. Sorensen
Canada/2004/92 min.
Life goes on and nothing much happens in snowy Woodland Cree, where the Fox family lives as part of the wintry community. Things change, however, when 75-year-old Martin suddenly decides to travel to Nashville in search of evidence that Hank Williams, his longtime hero, has really died. Martin sets out on his journey accompanied by his teenage nephew. While the family tries to understand his decision, news of the trip gathers human interest in the press. HANK WILLIAMS FIRST NATION deals with the universal issues of family, tradition and values, and what one generation can learn from another.
Director, Aaron James Sorensen.
Cast: Gordon Tootoosis, Jimmy Herman, Stacy Da Silva, Colin Vanloon, Stephanie Dixon.
SPONSORS: Holly's Fine Flowers and Maestrale
The Car
USA/2004/110 min.
Rick Noonson is returning to the beach house where he had spent many summers with his ex-fiance. That is, before she dumped him a month before their wedding to marry instead a men's underwear model. Still nursing his wounds, Rick is hoping that a week in their old stomping grounds will help him douse the torch he has been carrying for her. Unfortunately, things only get worse. He is haunted by her memory and sees her everywhere he looks. Then, she shows up. With her new husband. And the fun begins.
Director/Producer/Writer/Editor, Joe Scott; Cinematographer, Vincent Wrenn; Production Designer, Jana McGill; Costume Designer, Linda Hamblin.
Cast: Joe Scott, Thad Newton, Lizzie Lander, Erin McGrew, John Frazier, Eryn Brooke.
SPONSOR: Mimi's Sun Spa
The Car
with Director/Producer/ Editor/Actor Sean Ackerman
USA/2004/80 min.
West Coast Premiere
The storyline is simple: Chicago Boy (Bobby) moves to Montana after his mother dies. Chicago Boy meets Montana Girl (Sophie) and falls in love. Montana Girl, with a yearning for Panama, leaves one day. Chicago Boy drives 8,000 miles in his dirty old Buick to bring her back. In STRAIGHT LINE, the filmmakers use eighteen months of real time and three photographic formats to portray the touching story that seems to move desperately forward even as it stays in the same place. Which is the exact state of mind in which Bobby has found himself. As he explains to his best friend who accompanies him to Panama, "Since she did something crazy, I have to do something crazier to get her back."
Director/Producer/Editor, Sean Ackerman; Producer, Jane Kelly Kosek; Cinematographer, Michael Akman; Music, Amy Marie Beauchamp.
Cast: Sean Ackerman, Shannon Shultz, Monika Franzen, Sam Baker, Chuck Sperry, Joaquin Lizano.
SPONSORS: Lehani's Deli and Coffee House
The Car
Russia/2004/68 min.
In Russian with English subtitles.
Harking back lovingly but truthfully to the '50s and the era of Soviet realism, HARVEST TIMES is the story of Antonia, champion combine operator on a collective farm. She lives to drive; she drives by night. The commemorative flag she has been awarded is her pride. Antonia's husband is another kind of hero: returning from World War II without legs, vodka slowly consumes his life. Director Marina Razbezhkina has set their story in the fullness of a naturalist aesthetic that has been likened to the pantheism of 1930s director Dovzhenko (EARTH) who transcended polemics with filmed poetry.
Director/Screenwriter, Marina Razbezhkina; Producer, Natalya Zheltukhina; Cinematographer, Irina Uralskaya; Editor, Tanya Naidenova; Music, Anton Silaev.
Cast: Ludmila Motornaya, Vyacheslov Batrakov, Dima Yakovlev, Dima Ermakov.
The Car
Im Angesicht des Todes

Germany/2004/52 min.
In English and Russian with English subtitles.
In Stalin's Soviet Union, 20 million "enemies of the state" were killed or died in labor camps. To even own a photograph of one of them was to risk death. What happens when a whole generation is stripped of images of their loved ones and all visual record of their existence? This film is a search across today's Russia - and through the vast Soviet image archive - by David King for lost faces and stories of a generation.
Director/Screenwriter/Editor, Gabrielle Pfeiffer; Producer, Carl-Ludwig Rettinger; Cinematographer, Valentin Savenker.
SPONSOR: Jefferson County Democrats
The Car
Canada/2004/86 min.
West Coast Premiere
Who is Guy Terrifico? In the words of Kris Kristofferson, "he's a walkin' contradiction, partly truth and partly fiction," and the star of this comic homage to outlaw country. With tongue firmly in cheek, THE LIFE AND HARD TIMES OF GUY TERRIFICO is a poignant commentary about the perils of pop fame. Appearances by Kristofferson, Merle Haggard, and Stephen Bruton lend the film an eerie quality of realism. An amalgam of a Dylan-like folk artist and a cowboy poet, Guy Terrifico fumbles through his heyday like an insane Bacchus bent on self-destruction.
A word for the wary: It's a romp; nothing off putting.
Director, Michael Mabbott; Producer, Nicholas Tabarrok; Writer, Michael Mabbott; Cinematographer, Adam Swica; Editor, Gareth Scales; Music, Matt Murphy.
Cast: Kris Kristofferson, Matt Murphy, Natalie Radford, Phil Kaufman, Rob Bowman, Donnie Fritts.
SPONSORS: BaDd Habit and Homer Smith Insurance
The Car
L'estate di mio fratello

Italy/2005/82 min.
In Italian with English subtitles.
West Coast Premiere (shared with BendFilm Festival)
A frequent and inventive daydreamer, little Sergio learns from his parents that he will soon have a baby brother. With the help of his active imagination, he reenacts playtime with fictional siblings - a potential brother and a sister - and during a moment of anger imagines burning his little brother on the family barbecue. But when his mother suffers a miscarriage, little Sergio is overwhelmed with feelings of guilt, because he truly believes that his thoughts have killed his unborn brother. The film received a special jury mention at the 2005 Tribeca Film Festival in Manhattan.
Director, Pietro Reggiani; Cinematographers: Luca Coassin, Werther Germondari; Editors, Valentina Girodo, Alessandro Corradi; Art Director, Luisa Taravella in co-operation with Piccardo di Montereale; Sound: Filippo Porcari, Corrado Azzariti.
Cast: Davide Veronese, Tommaso Ferro, Maria Paiato, Pietro Bontempo.
SPONSORS: Olympic Energy Systems and Gray Wolf Ranch
The Car
with Producer/Actor Mark Duplass

USA/2004/84 min.
West Coast Premiere
THE PUFFY CHAIR comically portrays the trials and tribulations a young couple must face amid the mind-numbing clamor of the information superhighway. An ill-advised cross-country road trip, to retrieve a "puffy chair" recliner purchased on eBay, touches off a series of unfortunate events during which considerable strain is placed upon the already precarious relationship between Josh and Emily. All bets are off when Josh's brother unexpectedly joins the fray, eventually becoming the film's de facto shaman as he mystically guides the story toward its incendiary climax. A word for the wary: Come prepared to laugh.
Director/Screenwriter/Cinematographer, Jay Duplass; Screenwriter/Producer, Mark Duplass; Producers, Larry Duplass, Cindy Duplass, Kathryn Aselton, Jen Tracy; Editor, Jay Deuby.
Cast: Mark Duplass, Kathryn Aselton, Rhett Wilkins, Julie Fischer, Bari Hyman, Gerald Finnegan.
Preceded by:
with Producer/Actor Mark Duplass

USA/2002/8 min.
Man versus his message machine, reprise screening, first shown at the 2003 Port Townsend Film Festival.
By Mark and Jay Duplass.
SPONSORS: Max Grover Gallery and Lehani's Deli and Coffee House
The Car
South Korea/2004/105 min.
Korean with English subtitles.
West Coast Premiere
This South Korean film focuses on a group of men in their sixties, living in a small rural town on the southern coast. Joongdal owns an ostrich farm and can't understand why his brother - now pushing fifty - is still unmarried, so he tries to play matchmaker. Joong-dal's neighbor, the comically cantankerous Jin-bong, is at constant war with Joong-dal. The quiet Pil-gook takes care of his young granddaughter and the henpecked Chan-kyung runs the local grocery store. All of their lives are amusingly shaken by the sudden arrival of Injoo, an elegant, beautiful woman in her sixties who has come to town on mysterious business.
Director, Lee Su-in; Producer, Oh Ki-min; Screenwriter, Lee Su-in; Cinematographer, Bak Ki-ung; Editor, Kim Sun-min.
Cast: Joo Hyun, Song jae-ho, Yang Taik-jo, Kim Moo-saeng, Sunwoo Young-rye.
SPONSORS: Hanazono Asian Noodle and Brent Shirley & Associates
The Car
with Director Enric Folch

Spain/2004/90 min.
Northwest Premiere
Spanish with English subtitles.
Andros, a young man from the future, has come to present-day Barcelona in search of Ramon, whom Andros has chosen to help save the world from an imminent apocalypse. At first glance the self-effacing Ramon seems ill-suited for such a role; he can't even muster the courage to approach Angie, the woman he worships from afar. To make matters worse and comically better, Andros accidentally drops a box of Tempus Fugit pills that allow limited time travel and thus begins a series of events that make saving the world a more complicated task than Andros had anticipated. Originally created for Spanish television (ah! that we had such writers), TEMPUS FUGIT warps and mingles the present, the past, and the future to deliver a timeless and universal message.
A word for the wary: Love conquers all.
Director: Enric Folch; Producers, Tom Roca, Elisa Plaza, Paco Poch; Screenwriter, Enric Folch, Albert Espinosa; Cinematographer, Andreu Rebes; Editor, Ferran Roig; Music, Alex Martinez.
Cast: Xavi Mira, Neus Asensi, Irene Montola, William Miller, Xavier Bertran, Ferran Frauca.
SPONSORS: Ty's Computers and Don's Pharmacy



If love and sex make the world go round, let's keep on spinning.
79 min. total running time
Animals sing and dance and live happily in the forest until an intruder changes everything. (Animated.)
Northwest Premiere
Canada/2004/2 min.
Benjamin Meinhardt, director.
An innocent greeting quickly transforms into a sticky struggle for survival. (Animated.)
West Coast Premiere
USA/2004/5 min.
Patrick Smith, director.
A sweet and wry look at a rock 'n' roll crushes and big city hangovers.
World Premiere
Canada/2004/5 min.
Jill Riley, director.
A woman is confronted with her cheating ex-boyfriend at a speed-dating event. Starring Sandra Oh.
USA/2004/13 min.
Thom Harp, director.
5. UN JOUR A LA LIBRAIRIE (A Day at the Bookstore)
Going from a bookstore to the bedroom is like skipping straight to dessert. (Sort of.)
Northwest Premiere
USA/2004/9 min.
Sean Graham, director.
An aged prostitute seduces a young soldier about to die by magically becoming her younger self.
World Premiere.
USA/2005/19 min.
Katrina Elias, director.
A drawing class student must choose between art and love.
Northwest Premiere
USA/2004/10 min.
Scott Rice, director.
A cagey Casanova gets his comeuppance.
West Coast Premiere
USA/2005/11 min.
Howard Donnell, director.
A first wedding anniversary goes sour when the husband remains emotionally distant.
World Premiere
USA/2004/15 min.
Douglas Hunter, director.
A day in the life of a young couple who are, unknown to the other, both cheating.
World Premiere
Eric Haywood, director.
An affectionate comedy about the battles sleeping couples wage in bed.
USA/2004/4 min.
Scott Rice, director.
Sexy seniors speak about their romantic lives in this animated documentary.
USA/2004/5 min.
Liz Blazer, director.
An elderly man plays with his marionettes and reminisces about a lost love. (Animated.)
USA/2004/2 min.
Nadine Takvorian, director.
SPONSORS: The Perfect Season and Waltenbaugh Construction

dedicated to the memory of John Craig

"It is the function of the creative person to perceive and to connect the seemingly unconnected." - William Plommer
with Director Lowell (Doug) Ing JIKKEN translates as experiment in the Japanese language. In this film, a 1926 silent Japanese film is interpreted by the Aono Jikken Ensemble, a Seattle-based musical group, through rehearsals and performances of their composed score. The film is also interpreted by two film scholars. Through the collaborative interweaving of music, word and image, the audience witnesses creativity at work.
USA/2005/24 min.
World Premiere
Director/Producer/Writer: Lowell (Doug) Ing.
Another collaborative effort, this one involving painter Rita Blitt, the David Parsons Dance Co., and photographer Lois Greenfield, in which the photographer captures the painter painting on transparent surfaces while the dance company performs in mid-air through the painting imitating the paint strokes, all caught on video and still photography.
USA/2004/6 min.
Director/Producer/Writer: Rita Blitt; Cinematographer, Henry Jersionka.
Noted Australian art jeweller Keity Lo Bue takes us on a journey into the creative process as he fashions a neckpiece from found materials. In Lo Bue's studio, the commonplace becomes the extraordinary as a ragtag pile of discarded junk is transformed into an object of wonder and beauty.
Australia/2005/39 min.
World Premiere
Directors/Producers: Keith Lo Bue, Irena Opacak; Cinematographer: Irena Opacak; Music: Guy Klucevsek.
4. WHILE I CAN: The Art and Attitude of John Craig
A reprise of film festival founder Jim Ewing's affectionate inquiry into the art and attitude of the late Port Townsend sculptor John Craig. First screened at the 2003 Port Townsend Film Festival under the title TROMBONES, FRENCH HORNS AND SAXOPHONE, the revised film captures colorful and surprising character. John Craig was a delight-full, spirited and spiritual creator, a true helper and friend.
USA/2002/12 min.
Director: Jim Ewing.
SPONSORS: The Wine Seller and Don's Pharmacy

Outdoor Cinema

The Car
Spanish with English subtitles.
Colombia/2005/93 min.
West Coast Premiere
The purchase of an automobile - that symbol of power, wealth, modernity and mobility - has a special impact on one Columbian family in this funny, warm coming-of-age (or, more accurately, coming-of-car) tale. The Velez family seemed forever doomed to take public transportation, but their world changes dramatically after Dad impetuously buys their neighbor's fire-red 1950s Chevrolet. The Teenage Son sees the car as a babe-magnet, Dad gets self-confidence and sudden interest from a curvaceous neighbor, and Mom receives some added spark in the romantic department as well. Despite constant breakdowns, the car serves as catalyst and witness to each family member's development.
Director: Luis Orjuela; Producer/Screenwriter: Dago Garcia; Cinematographers: Juan Carlos Vasquez; Editor: Monica Cifuentes.
Cast: Cesar Badillo, Luly Boss, Zaira Valenzuela, Diego Cadavid, Elkin Dias, Fernado Garcia, Claudia Lozano.
SPONSOR: Tyler Street Coffee House
It Came From Outer Space
USA/1953/81 min.
Based on a story by Ray Bradbury called "The Meteor," IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE was one of the first big 3-D productions of the 1950s, a fad created by the major studios as a means to attract increasingly home-bound television viewers. The film also reflects the paranoia and xenophobia that gripped the nation as the Cold War grew more and more frigid as the decade wore on. Of course, the aliens turn out to be benign, but not before the filmmakers trot out all those flying objects headed straight for us until we take off those silly glasses, which will be available at the screening.
Director, Jack Arnold; Producer, William Alland; Story, Ray Bradbury; Screenplay, Harry Essex; Cinematographer, Clifford Stine; Editor, Paul Weatherwax; Special Effects, Roswell A. Hoffman, David S. Horsley.
: Richard Carlson, Barbara Rush, Charles Drake, Joe Sawyer.
SPONSOR: Swenson Say Faget
A Hard Day's Night
UK/1964/87 min.
When it opened, A HARD DAY'S NIGHT was a problematic entry in a disreputable form, the rock 'n' roll musical. The Beatles were already a publicity phenomenon (70 million viewers had watched them on U.S. television), but they were not yet cultural icons. Many critics attended the movie prepared to condescend, but the movie could not be dismissed. It was so joyous and original that even the early reviews acknowledged it as something special. After more than four decades, it has not aged and is not dated; it stands outside its time, its genre, and even rock. "It is one of the great life-affirming landmarks of the movies." - Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times.
Director, Richard Lester; Producers, Dennis O'Dell, Walter Shenson, David V. Picker; Writer, Alun Owen.
Cast: George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr.
SPONSOR: Quimper Sound


Drop-In Theatre
Sponsored by Digital Port Townsend

A new venue this year, Digital Port Townsend's Drop-In Theatre has been created to provide casual festival-goers with an opportunity to see quality films of varying length and differing topics.
Located at 215 Taylor Street, right on the festival mall between Water and Washington streets, the Drop-In Theatre is actually a screening room that will seat up to 20 plus some standees. It is equipped with 8ft.-wide screen.
  • Film 2880, Year 2003
  • Music: The Universal Language, a collection of five films on the impact of music on individual and community lives
  • A Potpourri of Short Films
  • Film 2880, Year 2004
  • The World Then and Now, a survey of seven films about life as it is lived in other parts of the world
  • The Lady from Sockholm, a delightful 71-minute spoof of 1940s detective stories as told by sock puppets.

Admission by pass or donation.

Sponsored by the Seattle Film Institute

For those who like to talk about movies as much as watch them a new venue has been engaged and programmed to bring festival-goers and filmmakers together to converse openly with other movie-lovers - with bits of humor and knowledge thrown in to be enjoyed by even the most casual film enthusiast.
Upstage Theatre and Restaurant is located at 923 Washington St., directly behind the Rose Theatres and the Silverwater Cafe.


  • Eyes Wide Open - The Secrets of Cinema Style with Dan Yezbick - Learn what KING KONG and CITIZEN KANE have in common, why JAWS may really be a Western, how Clark Gable inspired Bugs Bunny, the weird cinematic secret that links Charles Laughton and Spike Lee. Spend a few pre-festival hours contemplating these and other movie teasers. Enjoy concise interactive demonstrations on mise-en-scene, cinematography, editing, sound, and special effects prepared especially for the festival audiences.
    Admission: $5 (free with a regular or preferred seating pass).
  • West Coast Live! Broadcast
  • Panel 1 - Independent Filmmaking, Independent Vision
  • Panel 2 - Ethics in Documentary Filmmaking. Ian Hinkle, moderator
  • PTFF Awards Breakfast, sponsored by Port Townsend Paper Corp.
  • First Features, with Warren Etheredge
  • Panel 4 - The Documentary as a Social Action Tool. Ian Hinkle, moderator
  • No-host Wrap Party - An informal event for filmmakers and filmgoers who haven't gotten enough.