The mission of the Port Townsend Film Institute is to introduce communities to film as art, education and inspiration. Our programs continue the celebration and exploration of film found at the Film Festival twelve months a






What does the Institute do?

PTFI provides opportunities for audiences throughout Jefferson County and the region to come together through the vehicle of independent film. We feel passionately that the shared experience of film captures communities' imaginations and engages them in discussion regarding the most pressing social issues of our time. Through exposure to the world of film, and with, where possible, the active involvement of filmmakers themselves, our education programs are important tools to help our rural county capture, share, and celebrate stories from a diverse world that may not otherwise be accessible.

PTFI programs include:



As students and citizens learn more about film as a communication tool, they also become curious about the details of screenwriting, storyboarding, choosing actors and locations, designing sets, cinematography, videography, costuming, makeup, special effects, sound and the editorial and distribution process. PTFI lectures, film screenings and workshops empower members of the community to be actively creative, and may inspire new approaches to our own challenges. And, there is always the pure joy of a shared story with neighbors and friends.





Bringing the filmmaking experience into classrooms, libraries, coffee houses and community centers makes the cinema more real and accessible. Audiences who can ask questions about the content of the film, the techniques that delight and intrigue us- this is how we deepen our relationship with cinema. When a producer can describe the story behind the process of creating a spectacular scene, we get to move behind the camera, considering the possibility of our own creations in a new perspective.