Festival Highlights


Getting to the Heart of Music: A Community Conversation
with Morgan Neville

Fri, Sept. 15, 1:40 pm
Port Townsend High School Auditorium
1500 Van Ness St., Port Townsend

Kicking off the season’s Salon Series at PT High School’s 350-seat auditorium, playwright, actor and educator Akuyoe Graham interviews Academy Award-winning director, Morgan Neville on stage. From Carol King to Yo-Yo Ma, Neville brings us the stories behind the language of music with over 50 films in his career. The Salon Series continues through the winter bringing dialog with experts in science, art, politics (and more) into a community setting with students and residents of Port Townsend. Free admission.

morgan An Evening with Morgan Neville
Interview by Rocky Friedman
Fri., Sept. 15, 6:30 pm
American Legion Theatre

A celebration of Morgan Neville’s brilliant career opens with a clip reel created especially for PTFF by his production company, Tremolo Productions. Following is a live conversation on stage with Neville and Rocky Friedman (founder of the Rose Theatre). Next, we screen Neville’s The Music of Strangers, Yo-Yo Ma & The Silk Road Ensemble, followed by Q&A. Remember that donors supporting PTFF by purchasing Concierge and Patron passes enter the 250-seat theatre ahead of the line.

Inupiat Dancers Introduce Angry Inuk

inupiatFri., Sept. 15, 12:30 pm
Rosebud Cinema
Repeats Sun, Sept. 17, 3:15 Rose Theatre

Traditional Inupiat dance from Alaska’s North Slope kicks off our screening of Angry Inuk with dancers Lawrence and Donna Ahvakana on Friday, joined by Bryan Cole, Tom Ocktuk, Penny Ocktuk Cole and Sean Gallagher on Sunday. Their drums are round, flat, resonant and are traditionally made of membrane surrounding the liver of a bowhead whale. An aside: Sculptor Lawrence Ahvakana, graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, recreates traditional skin-stitching and parka patterns in his work, showcased in museums worldwide.

Chasing Coral Special Screening with Coral Expert, Zack Rago
ZackSat., Sept. 16, 6:30 pm American Legion Theatre
Sun., Sept. 17, 12:15 pm Rose Theatre

Chasing Coral, directed by Jeff Orlowski, features Zack Rago, a talented reef aquarist, scuba diver and self-described “coral nerd.” From the NYC Explorers’ Club to the Sundance Film Festival, Rago shares his clarion call to pay attention to what is happening under water. Here in Puget Sound, ocean acidification negatively impacts shellfish, including geoducks (our largest biomass) to the smallest snail– and everything else that feeds on them, both sea and land creatures. Support for this event is provided by the Port Townsend Marine Science Center.  

Bugs and Beer Cooking Live! with David George Gordon
DavidMagic Lantern Beer & Wine on Taylor Street Sun., Sept. 17, 2:00 pm

Meet David George Gordon, showcased in Bugs on the Menu. Gordon, of Seattle, travels the world as the “Bug Chef” demonstrating the art of cooking insects. Come join us by the beer garden on Taylor Street and try some delicacies! Not for the faint of heart, but rest assured, our bugs are certified by the health department as safe to eat –if you are adventurous! See Bugs on the Menu Friday Sept. 15, 9 am, Cotton Building Theatre or Saturday Sept. 16, 3:30 pm, Key City Theatre.

The Farthest directed by Emer Reynolds
Sun., Sept. 17, 9:30 am, American Legion Theatre

Capturing the imagination of the world in 1977, a tiny spaceship leaves our solar system and enters the void of deep space–an astounding feat requiring mathematic and mechanical genius. Meet the visionary scientists who pursued the dream of describing our Earth world–to others we have yet to meet. Due for national release, we have the film by special permission from the director. One screening only!

Meet the Filmmakers!
Saturday & Sunday Morning
Free Admission & Coffee
panelSat., Topic TBA
Sun., Sunday Morning Storytellers
Location: Festival Bar on the Dock Behind the Cotton Building
Time: Sat. and Sun., 10 am, 60-90 minutes

Arrive early to get a seat at the increasingly popular morning panel discussions. Previous years filmmakers have shared thoughts on artistic inspiration, most profound moments, scouting locations, getting the right shot, ideas that didn’t pan out, failed idealism and worst romantic moments. Tuck a tissue in your pocket, these are consummate storytellers.