poster2014 Passes ~ September 19 - 21

Membership = Festival Pass & Membership
Festival Pass & Membership = A Full Year's PTFI Benefits

All festival passes include year-long membership and give you access to the Port Townsend Film Festival, invitations to year-round events, some great books, and use of to our library of films from past festivals, as well as remarkable films from the pantheon of film literature. You also get discounts at the Rose Theatre and Pane d'Amore. Pretty great, be sure to say thanks!

All passes can be upgraded to the next level. During the festival go to our hospitality center; add the difference and we'll upgrade your pass to any of our other passes on the spot. All festival passes come with full membership benefits.

The ONE PASS@ $35
Provides first-come, first served access to one PTFF screening at any venue.

one upThe ONE Pass is just the thing if you are testing the festival community to see if it is for you, if you are already a library fan, or if you will be in town for a short time. Of course you get the membership card, year round film library, and invitations and discounts that come with every pass. There is only one line for pass holders at the festival, and YOU are in it; you are a full part of the family.

The ONE Passincludes the option of the Special Evening with our Special Guest.

This is an upgradable pass. If one film just wasn't enough, go to our hospitality center, add the cost difference and we'll make your pass into any of our other passes on the spot, such as the SIX PACK...


six pack
The SIX PACK @ $100 – New This YEAR!!!
Provides first-come, first-served access to six screenings at any PTFF venue and a full year of membership rewards and discounts.

This pass includes all the benefits that come with being part of our film family. The Uptown Theatre is our largest venue and rarely sells out, so you can most always get a good seat to four of our great festival films.

The SIX-PACK Pass can be SHARED! You can share this pass with someone and get three movies for two people. But get there an hour ahead, together, just to be sure! We don't hand out tickets for people who aren't in line.

The SIX-PACK Pass includes the option of the Special Evening with our Special Guest.



This is your full-on, all-you-can-watch, mucho gusto PTFF experience. Our most popular pass over the years, the FESTIVAL PASS provides first-come, first-served access to all film screenings at all venues including the Special Evening with our special guest. It includes the tasty Opening Night Dinner on Taylor Street.

If the FESTIVAL PASS is missing anything, it is guaranteed seating. Which means stepping up to the DIRECTOR PASS ...


The DIRECTOR PASS @ $650director
Here is the super convenient, go anywhere, do everything access to all of the festival. You may check into the venue by cell phone or talking to OUR Concierge located at hospitality or going to the movie venue from 60 minutes before the show right up to 20 minutes before.

Once checked in, your ticket will at the venue so you can enter the theatre anytime up to show time. But to get the best seats, be there at least 30 minutes ahead of the screening.

In addition to all the year-round benefits every pass holder receives, you also get a $450 tax deduction, because that much of your pass investment goes to support PT Film Institute's year round education projects

But wait, there is more: If you want to attend the Filmmakers Reception and make a much bigger dent in the universe, move up to the MOGUL ...



The MOGUL PASS @ $1,250
Take a DIRECTOR PASS and all it entails, add an invitation to the Filmmakers' Reception, along with a vital investment in our educational outreach program, and you get the MOGUL PASS.

This is your path to enjoy the festival, the year-round library and invitations. Through support of our PTFI educational outreach programs, you can help young people explore their dreams of working in the world of film and story-making.

The MOGUL comes with a $1,000 tax deduction for your donation, building capacity in our wider community to tell and share stories


Purchase a Director or Mogul pass and you will receive our incredible Concierge Service. You will meet the Concierge when you pick up your pass at Hospitality and at that time the concierge would love to go over your film-viewing schedule. You can set up at the beginning of the festival or call through the weekend. On the back of your pass is a phone number that connects immediately to our Concierge desk headed by Amanda Steurer. Just say "I want to see (name of film), please have # of tickets ready for me." If there is no answer, leave a message to reserve tickets and the Concierge will call back to confirm. Show up at the venue 20 minutes prior to show time and our black-hatted manager will have your ticket and a refreshing acknowledgment of how grateful we are for your support. Please remember that you still have to ask for a ticket from the venue manager. You will not automatically have access to any venue at any time. If you're unable to call ahead, you may go to the venue starting 60 minutes before your film starts and pick up a ticket from the yellow-hatted manager. Once the ticket is in your hand, you are free to wander off, but please be back 20 minutes before the show starts.


We want more folks to experience our festival films. When a venue doesn't fill up with pass holders, we sell $10 tickets for that film. Once the pass holder line starts moving, the venue managers know exactly how many seats are available. Rush-ticket buyers can gather in the rush-ticket line 60 minutes before show time. Rush tickets are sold approx. 15 minutes before the film begins until the lights go down



Other payment options:
Mail it in:
PO Box 594 Port Townsend WA 98368
Phone it in:
360-379-1333 and have your credit card info ready
Truck it in:
Stop by the office:
211 Taylor Street, Suite 32A
Mount Baker Block, 3rd floor


  • Recording devices of any kind are prohibited

  • Turn off all cell phones, pagers, & beepers during all programs.

  • Check program timing! Run times do not include Q & A sessions or introductions. We have staggered the film start times to help you see as many films as possible.

  • Seat saving is strongly discouraged and makes you very unpopular.

  • Please do not take food or beverages purchased elsewhere into The Rose Theatre, Rosebud Cinema or The Uptown Theatre.

  • Children younger than 6 are permitted only at the Taylor Street Outdoor Cinema.

  • Out of kindness to the people who sit on the straw bales, NO DOGS on Taylor Street please. Service dogs are the exception.

  • Most of the films are not rated. We will try to alert you if there is graphic violence, strong language, nudity, etc. Parental discretion is advised.

  • Outside The Rose/Rosebud and the Uptown venues will be one of our crowd liaisons who can help you with any questions you may have.