From left to right: Terry Tennesen-Graphic Designer, Sana Gomes-Sizzle Reel Creator, Cherel Lopez-Sponsor Fulfillment, Jan Halliday-Development Director, Dan O’Donnell-Post Production Captain, Victoria O’Donnell-Director Administrative Operations, Jane Julian (Skyped in!) Director of Programming, Kendra Golden-Volunteer Coordinator, Gary Engbrecht-Production Manager, Pat McFaul-Director of Technology, Chris McFaul-Program Editor, Janette Force-Executive Director


Janette Force, Executive Director
Janette has been passionate about art since she organized her neighborhood circus at age 6. Following studies at Washington State University, she settled in Port Townsend in 1977 with her husband and two sons. Force has worked in small business management for nearly 30 years, as well as creating theatrical experiences for schools and community. She brought her skills in event planning to PTFF in 2003, managing Special Events until the Board of Directors tapped her for Executive Director in 2009.

Victoria O'Donnell, Director of Operations
Victoria first volunteered for the PTFF in 2009 when our celebration of film and filmmakers captured her heart. Since early childhood, Oscar-night was an annual celebration for Victoria with her Mom. "Working to support the PT Film Festival’s mission of promoting & celebrating independent film feels like coming home," she says. Victoria’s expertise in corporate management, information technology, and client service is invaluable.

Jan Halliday, Director of Development
Jan is a longtime published writer covering the west coast of North America (from Barrow, AK to La Paz, Mexico). She first saw Port Townsend, at the age of nine, clinging to the helm of her dad’s sailboat in a squall off Point Hudson. Safely ashore, she walked alone through downtown, squinting up at the Baker Block Building where she now works in our fourth floor office. Prescience? We think so. As development director, she finds unique ways to engage our beloved sponsors and donors in our yearlong block party.

Jane Julian, Director of Programming
Jane fell in love with movies in the back seat of a 55 Chevy at the drive-in theatre watching BEN HUR with her parents and siblings. From there it was one magical picture after another. After moving to Durango, Colorado in 1991, she was a founder of the Durango Film Society (1994) which eventually morphed into the Durango Film Festival, where she was the programming director, among many other roles. After befriending Rocky Friedman and Linda Yakush at the Telluride Film Festival, she finally made it out to Port Townsend in 2008 and loved the festival they had created. In 2009 Jane was asked to step in as Programming Director and the rest is history!

Sana Gomes, Sizzle Reel Creator
Sana has a passion for filmmaking and studied at the Fluminense Federal University in Brazil where she earned her degree in Cinema. She worked as a camera assistant in her native country before traveling the world. In 2012 she moved to Port Townsend where she's working at PTFF as Writer, Press Secretary, Projectionist and Program Editor. In 2014, Sana's short film "Love Me" premiered at Post Alley Film Festival & Sedona Film Festival.

Terry Tennesen, Graphic Designer
Terry grew up in Bremerton, WA and earned a BFA in fine arts and graphic design from Pacific Lutheran University. He received his MFA in film/animation from the Rhode Island School of Design in the late 1970s. Terry won numerous awards for his work, among them are the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, Seattle Design Association, National Competition of Regional TV Commercials, International Film &TV Festival of New York. He produced over 200 animations and produced work for J. Walter Thompson, Melody Films, Microsoft, Pinnacle Productions, Abudoe Software, Inc., KCTS-9 (PBS) and many others. PTFF is lucky to have him produce our graphics needs.

Kendra Golden, Volunteer Coordinator
After nine wonderful years working in marketing and development at Centrum, Kendra was looking for something fun to do in retirement. She started volunteering with PTFF in 2010 and is now in her sixth year as the Volunteer Coordinator. Each year she gets to play matchmaker, matching 300 volunteers to the jobs needed (or dreamed up). And it is totally fun.

Pat McFaul, Director of Technology
Pat has been playing with electrons for as long as he can remember. He is passionate about both hardware and software. His love of film has lead to Friday date night, "dinner and a movie", for the last 21 years. After his wife started volunteering at PTFF, it was only a matter of time before they nabbed him! Now he enjoys creating software for PTFF by implementing elegant solutions where the technology disappears to the background, enabling everyone to focus on what really matters, film.

Chris McFaul – Program Editor
After years in high tech; doing everything from tech writing and editing, to corporate consulting and training, to running a global training academy for the Microsoft Technical Sales and Consulting teams, Chris retired and hung up her technology hat until PTFF found her in 2013! Films have always been her love, now she gets to share ideas, produce passes, create database entries, and write & edit documents about films and festivals!

Dan O’Donnell – Post Production Captain
After years of working in the film industry as a software engineer, Dan retired and moved to Port Townsend where he found the film festival. He deeply enjoys working on the technical aspects of films, doing everything from delivering content for the festival, providing the judges with on-line versions of the films, and helping create trailers. The people here are passionate, making this the best gig he ever had.

Gary Engbrecht- Production Manager
OK, this means I don't get away with "Nobody reads these things" doesn't it? Gary was suppose to be on the stage where it was inevitable that he would be a rock star. Commercial construction management was only supposed to be a temporary thing until the Film Festival world came along. So much for retirement.