July 21, 2017

Adult Life Skills actress is the new “Dr. Who.”
The Mars Generation sends us an astronaut in training
How Festival Juries make or break a film

We fell in love with Adult Life Skills at first sight. When rumors of a new “Dr. Who” (a popular television series) began to swirl, the name “Jodie Whittaker” kept tickling my memory–why is this name familiar? Ah, she’s the STAR of Adult Life Skills. See the film Sat. or Sun. at the Festival. Our program listing times will be posted in August. Watch the trailer HERE.

The Mars Generation sends us an astronaut in training


Go to Space Camp with The Mars Generation.

Awed by the six young subjects of his film, director Michael Barnett says, "What I thought I knew about space was annihilated by their knowledge.” 16-year-old Alyssa Carson, a veteran of Space Camp who just returned from the Arctic (where she tested NASA space suits), will first speak to students at the Jefferson Community School Fri., Sept. 15. You’ll meet her when she rides in a Rakers car in our Opening Ceremonies Parade, Friday at 4 p.m. on Washington St. And she’ll appear at the 9:15pm screening at the NW Maritime Center on Saturday night. Be there to cheer on the future!

See the trailer: HERE.

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Behind the scene with PTFF Juries! PTFF invites top film professionals from across the country to evaluate submissions for awards. This year Ted Crockett, Executive Director of the Nashville Film Festival, saw a film he loved, Life Hack. Crockett, whose opinion is well respected by film distributors, picked up the phone and initiated a chain of events leading to theatrical distribution for Life Hack. Meet director, Sloan Copeland, in person with his very timely film about computer spying and blackmail at the Festival’s two screenings.

Watch the trailer HERE.

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First Tuesday Salon is August 1st! Watch for time, details and more insights to our September 15th-16th-17th celebration of cinema and community,

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