September 28, 2017

Byars Our Jury Award for Best Documentary Feature was No Man’s Land, an extraordinary look inside the takeover of the Malheur Bird Refuge two years ago. We knew director David Byars, would not be able to attend, and we asked him to send a letter of acceptance. His words continue to ring true as we face the world changing before our eyes. Thank you, David, for this essential reminder:

“Thank you for this wonderful honor. And thank you to Port Townsend and the film festival for being stalwart supporters of nonfiction storytelling. No Man's Land isn't your typical preach to the choir documentary. It challenges us to understand those whom we would oppose. In an era of resistance as doctrine, where collaboration can be seen as a defection from ideological purity, it is more difficult and dangerous to offer the olive branch than to be smug in our righteousness. Vanquishing our enemies in the modern era doesn't equate to conquest - there are 50 million voters out there that we can't simply remove from the equation. Victory means engaging with our so-called enemies and doing the difficult and time-consuming work of finding common ground.

Only when we seek to understand those whom we oppose are we able to acknowledge their grievances, and not necessarily adopt their solutions, in order to get at the truth and move the needle in our national conversation. It isn't simple, nor is it satisfying in the short term, but we cannot afford to further the false narrative foisted upon us by those who would see us fight amongst ourselves. Resist, yes, but more importantly, seek to understand.”

David Garrett Byars


Meet Alyssa Carson, one of the subjects of THE MARS GENERATION (left), one of our honored guests appearing at the Festival with her very supportive dad. She spoke at Jefferson Community School and I surprised her by wearing my own “Nasa Blues.” What you cannot see is the patch on my right shoulder–a gift from a girl who is determined to go to Mars. In the center is a young Port Townsend fan, who dreams of walking in Alyssa’s footsteps.

For a complete list of winners, click HERE.


First Tuesday Salon, Battle of the Sexes, Oct. 3, 7pm, Starlight Room

Reviewed in the New Yorker this week by Anthony Lane, and this quote from Max Cea, “There are a few different ways you could tell the story of the 1973 Battle of the Sexes tennis match between Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King….Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris (Little Miss Sunshine) opt for the most conventional. Simon Beaufoy’s (Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours) screenplay doesn’t wade into the conspiracy theories that Bobby Riggs threw the match. Nor does it fictionalize the event the way, say, Todd Haynes fictionalized Bob Dylan’s life in “I’m Not There.” Instead, Battle of the Sexes is a three-act PG-13 sports movie that climaxes in a monumental moment of odds-defying, sports-transcending triumph. It’s the same playbook used in Rocky, Remember the Titans, Rudy, Miracle and a million other sports movies. But man is it resonant now!”

Join us in The Starlight Room for a conversation following the film with a local tennis expert, because that is what First Tuesday Salon is all about! Read the New Yorker Review HERE. Read the complete Salon review HERE.


Doctober” at the Pickford Theater, Bellingham

Can’t get enough? Or if you missed some of our great documentaries on the big screen, check the website below for the Pickford’s documentary screenings October. Jane Julian, our PTFF programmer, works with The Pickford Theater to create a full month of amazing documentaries (50) on their three screens! Check out this great line up and thanks, Pickford, for sponsoring our Special Evening honoring Morgan Neville. Their line-up includes Big Sonia, Purple Dreams (see the photo above), No Mans Land, Skid Row Marathon. You may recognize PTFF and Women & Film alums in the lineup, too. Click HERE.

Hope you are enjoying this splendid Fall weather and remember to save the dates:
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